In addition to our superior window cleaning services, offers additional services including screen cleaning, track cleaning, fan dusting and screen sealing.

Superior Fan Dusting

We clean ceiling fans of all sizes and shapes for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced technicians will effectively clean your ceiling fans with a result that will have you surprised at how well they look.

Ceiling fans are notorious for collecting cobwebs, dust and allergens. They also do a real good job in distributing these unhealthy elements throughout your home or office, creating an unhealthy environment. It is a good idea to have your ceiling fans routinely dusted as in addition to keeping the air clean, clean ceiling fans work more efficiently and enjoy extended life.

Screen Cleaning/Sealing

The only downside to having crystal clear windows is that they showcase dirty screens. Give your home a whole new look with screens as clean as your windows.

Track Cleaning

Window and sliding door tracks collect all sorts of dirt, grit and grime. Before you know it, the buildup of these elements affects the ease in which you open and close your windows. Call us and we can help!

We serve Carrollton and Dallas, Texas; Calgary, Alberta; Mississauga, Ontario.


Screen Cleaning

Track Cleaning

Fan Dusting

Screen Sealing