Repairing Window Screens 101

Window Screen: Repairing Window Screens

Why call in a professional to repair your ripped window screens when you can have the satisfaction and cost savings of doing it yourself? With these quick and easy steps, combined with a little patience (or in my case a lot!) you’ll be able to learn how to replace your window screens for minimal cost to you. This allows you to let the fresh air in and keep those pesky bugs out!

Materials Needed:

  • Needle nose pliers

  • A utility knife

  • Screen repair Maintenance Kit - often found at your local hardware store.

Step 1: 

Remove the screen you’d like to replace. Lay it in an area with plenty of room to move around it.

Step 2: 

Using needle nose pliers pry out the existing rubber seal on the outer borders of the  screen. Once removed, the window screen should be able to taken completely off of the frame.

Step 3: 

Unroll the new screen and lay it on top of the empty frame. Be sure to line the screen up and match the top corner of the frame. This ensures that it is not crooked or off-center.

  • TIP: By adding a small piece of tape to the top corner it will keep your screen in place while you work!

Step 4:

So, once the screen is lined up and secure it’s time to attach  it to the frame by adding the rubber seal (spline).

  • Starting on one corner, use the convex (pointy) side of your spline rolling tool to gently work the screen into the channel of the frame. No need to push too hard as you’re just creating an indent for the spline to go.

  • Next, use the smooth side of the rolling tool to push the seal completely into the groove on the frame.

  • Repeat steps A and B on the remaining sides.

Step 5:

Cut off the excess material with your utility knife and step back to admire your handy work!

In Closing

Replacing your first window screen is always the most difficult; however, practice makes perfect and soon you’ll be fixing them like a pro!