We Clean Windows

When we founded We Clean Windows, we knew that we were about to set the entire industry on edge; and we were okay with that. Just six years ago, very few, if any, window washing companies were using the process of using de-ionized water to clean either interior or exterior windows. So, it took a little bit for people to truly believe that completely clean windows could be achieved without the use of chemicals or abrasive cleaners. But we’re proud to say that we’ve done a lot to change that outdated perception.

Believing it is the duty and responsibility of every service company to do whatever it is they can to limit their carbon footprint and eliminate toxins and waste, we were beyond excited to offer local homeowners a completely safe, eco-friendly service. Free of grime, streaks, residue and spots, your windows will look amazing and stay clean longer with our state-of-the-art process.

Of course we’re licensed and bonded. Of course our technicians have all been specifically trained in our techniques and use of equipment. As a homeowner, you should never accept anything else. But we feel that we need to go one step more and guarantee your complete satisfaction. By doing so, we hope that you’ll invite us back to clean your windows again and again.

Find out why your neighbor loves us by calling for your own personal in-home consultation and quote by contacting our customer care team now.