Need a good reason to call your Ontario window cleaning business? Your neighbors. Yup, you will want to have streak-free, super-clean windows so you can better see what your neighbors are up to because they can be strange people. If you are lucky, you will have mostly normal neighbors with only a few weirdos to have to contend with.

Now, we aren’t saying your neighbors are serial killers or psychopaths who need to be monitored at all times. We are just saying that it’s a safe bet that you have neighbors who are a few fries short a Happy Meal and it is best if you can track them and their actions, you know, just in case.

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you can’t escape neighbors. It is just a fact of life that you need to learn how to accept. Even if you don’t really talk to your neighbors, they still live pretty close to you and you definitely see what they are up to from time to time. Now, you can’t pick and choose your neighbors, you have to deal with what you get. Here are a few examples of the types of neighbors you might have.

Cat Lady

The cat lady really does exist and is not just an urban myth. She could be the stereotype, an older female who spends her time alone with a mess of cats roaming around.

Of course, she in all likelihood pretty harmless, until her cats are threatened in some way, then things could get ugly.

The Snoop

Whatever is going on in your neighborhood, the snoop will know to be sure. The snoop is usually a woman and she is all up in everybody’s business all of the time. She welcomes you home from a long day at work by telling you what happened in the neighborhood while you were gone and she knows who is getting divorced, who is pregnant but hasn’t told her husband and who is having an affair with who.

If you stay up a little later than usual to finish watching a movie, you can bet the snoop will tell the rest of the neighbors you stayed up past your usual bedtime.

The Tattletale

The tattletale is in many ways similar to the snoop; she knows what everybody in the neighborhood is up to and she likes to tell others about what she knows. However, whereas the snoop is just plain nosey, the tattletale is bent on getting people in trouble. She is the one who will sell you out if your dog poops in the neighbor’s lawn and you don’t clean it up. She will be the one who calls the city if your trash bins are still on the street 12:01 am after trash collection day.

The Fighters

The fighters are as mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore! The fighters are a dysfunctional couple that has absolutely no right being with each other and it shows. Actually, it’s not so much you see them fight as you hear them fight. And boy do they fight an awful lot. They fight at breakfast, in the middle of the afternoon and all hours of the night, and they don’t care who hears them.

The only time when they aren’t fighting is when they are making up, but that proves to be just as noisy and unpleasant to listen to.

The Overly-Friendly Neighbor

Friendly neighbors are the type of neighbors you want to have, to a certain point that is. You might have neighbors that mean well but come across as super-annoying. The overly-friendly neighbor stops by and rings your doorbell all of the time telling you everything that has happened in their life. They don’t understand boundaries and won’t take the hint when you tell them you don’t want to hear about how you just painted your bathroom again.

The Borrower

The borrower seems kind and harmless, but they will rob you blind if you aren’t too careful. These people you really need to keep an eye on. It all starts off innocently enough; the neighbor stops by to borrow something, anything from your hedge trimmer to a casserole dish, and you never see it again.

The borrower takes advantage of your generosity and assumes that you would lend them anything anyway so they see no point in even asking. That’s right, they just waltz right into your garage or shed and borrow at will.

The Party Animals

Well, it’s Monday, what a great time to throw a massive, noisy party and keep the neighbors awake all hours of the night. Party animals have more parties a week than you have held in your entire life. Even when they aren’t having an official party, there is always a stream of people coming in and out of their house. Really, there is never a moment of peace over there, you wonder if anybody ever sleeps in that household.

The Hoarder

This might be the borrower some day after he has collected from everybody in the neighborhood. Make no mistake, it is best if you keep your distance from the hoarder, you might disappear in the mess that is in their home and on their property.

The Psycho

This is the type of neighbor who likes to keep to themselves, a little too much. You really never see them unless they are hatching a plan of evil. Be afraid, be very afraid.