You couldn’t be happier with the great job done by your Burlington window cleaning services. Your windows are clean and streak free and they look simply fabulous. There is only one problem. Your windows are so clean that when looking outside, you can see just how bad your lawn looks. And not just the lawn, the entire outdoor space is somewhat of an embarrassment.

The space outside your house is often bigger than the space in your home, and it is what people first notice as they drive or walk by. It really doesn’t matter how nice and organized the inside of your house is, you are being judged by your lack of good landscaping. Creating a unique, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing landscape with a variety of plants, flowers pathways and strategically placed water features is well worth the time you put into it or the money you spend having it done by a professional. Here are a few reasons why.

Boost Curb Appeal

Most people feel better about entering a home that looks i9nvitibng from the outside. This is especially true when your home is ion the market. Clean windows are nice, but a well-landscaped yard is critical if you plan on selling your house. Just looking at the landscaping proves the value of the home.

Help the Environment

A great landscape design can also contribute positively to the environment. Natural retaining walls help stave off erosion and stop urban soil from getting into waterways. Creative shading helps maintain lower temperatures in and around cities.

Low-Maintenance Gardens and Native Plants

If you are a homeowner who desires a beautiful garden that is also low maintenance, then native plants are the way to go. A landscape architect can incorporate native plants into your landscape design.

Native plants reduce water costs and chemical applications in many cases. In addition, native birds, bees and butterflies flourish among native plants, it all makes real good sense.

Lower Energy Bills

A landscape architect will know just where to have those trees and bushes planted so that they will shade your home in the summer and protect it in the winter. What this means for you is a yard that not only looks fantastic, but saves you money in gas and electric bills.

Health Benefits

Who wants to spend any time in the yard if it looks terrible? A well-landscaped yard is an outdoor space you want to spend as much time in as possible. You will want to do your best to maintain your lovely yard so there will be plenty of weeding, mowing and pruning, great ways to get some exercise. Even if you are just outside relaxing and reading a book, being in the fresh air is a whole lot better for you than staying cooped up in a stuffy house.

Family Time

One of the best ways to get your kids off their electronic devices is to have a landscaped yard. Well, it helps if you have a barbecue grill filled with burgers, hot dogs and other goodies. Your well-groomed backyard is the ideal place to have dinners in the summer evenings. And when the children aren’t stuffing themselves with grilled foods, they will be running around the well-kept yard kicking the soccer ball or playing tag.

Social Gatherings

Whether you want to hold a barbecue for friends or entertain your boss and her husband, you will want to have an awesome looking yard to impress. That well-landscaped yard will leave you with some very fond memories and perhaps even a healthy raise or that promotion you have always wanted.

And that is why you should have a landscaped yard.