It’s Thursday afternoon and by the look on your face, we can tell you are already thinking about the weekend. You are probably figuring out just what activities you want to do this weekend. Really, in a city like Mississauga, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, when you get home you will realize that your windows are absolutely filthy and will need to be cleaned sooner than later. Your partner will suggest that the two of you spend Saturday getting all of the windows cleaned. This makes you sad because there were so many fun things you were considering doing this weekend.

Instead of getting all bummed out about having to do all of that work, simply call your Mississauga window cleaning services to clean your windows and your weekend is once again free. But wait, your partner might have his/her mind set on cleaning the windows as a couple. If this is the case, tell them that a professional window cleaning company is a far better option as they will do the job right, without streaks, and nobody in your family will risk falling from a ladder.

If that argument fails to convince them, give the following list of things you two could be doing on Saturday rather than cleaning windows.

Sleep In

Sure, it’s a lazy start to your Saturday, but we all need our beauty rest. Look, you both work and are up pretty early in the morning on the weekdays, you both deserve to sleep in. By sleeping in, you feel better, more refreshed, and are ready to tackle the day.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk first thing in the morning accomplished two things; it gets your workout done for the day and when you are finished walking, you feel empowered and energized. And after a brisk morning walk, come home and make coffee and fix up a nice brunch with waffles, fresh fruit and andouille sausage. Do the cooking yourself, she will love it.

Tap Into Your Inner Child

It’s a lovely day out, you should spend as much time as possible outdoors. While there are any number of tasks that need to be done, mowing and weeding for example, make sure you set aside time to kick around the soccer ball or shoot some hoops. You used to challenge the kids to a game of horse and it was always fun, challenge your wife to a game of one-on-one and see what she says.

Go On a Picnic

It has probably been awhile since you have taken the family on a picnic, if you have at all. Picnics are more fun than you might think. Gather up the family, pack some great grub and head out to a picturesque area where you can eat, nap and enjoy what nature has to offer.

See a Concert

Regardless your personal taste in music, there is sure to be some band touring this summer that you could take the family to see. If you are into 1980s music, Hall and Oates, Santana and Steve Miller Band are on tour. If you dig the 1970s music scene, you could go see Chicago or the Doobie Brothers. If you are into death metal, Cannibal Corpse always puts on a good show.

Drive-In Movie

Sure, it’s convenient and cost-effective watching movies at home after they come out on DVD, but going to a drive-in theater to see a movie is an adventure. The whole family packed in the car watching a movie is a great way to spend a Saturday night. If you want to save money, bring your own treats and hide the kids under some blankets so you don’t have to pay their entry fee. Just kidding.