It’s raining, it’s pouring and your day is going to be real boring. It’s only mid-morning and all you have done is drink three cups of coffee while staring out of the window. Granted, the view is good because you recently utilized your Oaville window cleaning services, so all of the rain-soaked people and vehicles that are passing by your house are crystal clear. But still, you would rather be outside doing something in the sun as opposed to sitting inside all day being grumpy.

When the forecast calls for a day of rain, cabin fever can set in real fast. You could binge-watch a show on Netflix, or read a book, but sometimes you want to do something different, something that you don’t do every time it rains. Well, it sounds as though you need a list of options to get you through this. Good thing we can help.

Treasure Hunt

If you have kids, no doubt they are feeling just as frustrated as you being stuck indoors all day long. If you don’t keep them busy, they are sure to drive you even deeper into the funk you are already in. So perhaps you could interest them in a treasure hunt.

Make a set of clues for every family member who is participating and put each clue in an envelope. Seal them separately in envelopes with clue numbers on each envelope. The lucky kid who finds the treasure gets a cache of coins, an IOU for a movie or whatever type of prize you can think of. Have the games become progressively more difficult to add excitement.

Indoor Camping Trip

Again, this activity is for a family stuck indoors on a rainy day, no fair going indoor camping by yourself.

If you have small, pop-up tents, set them up and place them in a room in the house, if not, sheets draped over furniture make great tents. Fill your tents with pillows, blankets or sleeping bags to make them as cozy as possible. Serve lunch or dinner on a mat on the floor, picnic style if you will. You will want to serve the types of foods you would eat if you were really camping in the great outdoors so make sure you have plenty of hot dogs, burgers and beans. And don’t forget to bring all the fixings for smores.

Family members can then take turns telling spooky stories, with the lights out of course.

Have a Tea Party

Put on your Sunday best, pull out your good China and be at your best manners for the tea party of the decade. On the menu for today is tea or coffee for the adults and cocoa for the kids. Oh, you will also need crumpets because as anyone knows, tea parties are all about crumpets. If you don’t have crumpets (and why would you?) you can substitute Pop Tarts, fruit bars, cookies or any number of bready snacks.

Don’t forget to write up formal invites using a pen and real paper, email invites are forbidden. Let the children help with the guest list as we are sure they will be inviting their favorite dolls, teddy bears or action figures. They still make action figures, right?

Become a Bartender

If you are kid free, there are ways to keep yourself entertained on a rainy day. For example, you could brush up on your knowledge of adult beverages.

Many of you might be a little intimidated by any drink that is not sipped from a wine glass. So break free from that by spending an afternoon or evening mastering the art of Mad Men era cocktails. All you need is an internet connection and you can find out the best ways to mix some of the most intriguing drinks in the world including the Old Fashioned, Brandy Alexander and Tom Collins.

Plan a Vacation

You might be stuck at home at the moment, but the rain isn’t going to last forever. In the meantime, you can dream about the beach paradise where you are going for your vacation. Better still, a rainy day is the perfect time to plan out your next vacation. Do the research, buy the tickets, do whatever you need to make your vacation a reality.